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Our event will be in English and Chinese, 咱们的大会将有中英文双语

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Steve Jobs once said: “you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards”. A lot of people say: “never look back, always keep moving forward”. Dwelling in the past will make it hard for us to improve and move forward in our lives. But mistakes are bound to repeat themselves if we don’t think critically about the past.

TEDx复兴公园 2019 New Year Salon 2019年1月27日TEDxFuxingParkSalon 2019Date:Janurary 27th,2019



17:30~18:30 SESSION 01: Looking Back


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19:00~20:30 SESSION02:Looking Forwards

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2019 New Year Salon:


At TEDxFuxingParkSalon, we present you a series of speakers who critically thought about their past, and find new motion in their past failures; who also look into the future with prospective. Are you with us? Come, and look back and forwards with our speakers, to seek the mystery of time and life.

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Looking Back and Forwards 顾后瞻前


Venue: Loft A5, Daning Central Square, No.700 Daning WanRongRd, Novah Showroom, Shanghai

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